I am committed to normalizing sharing our stories so we can live abundantly free!

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a mentor, intentional connector, gatherer of women. As I grow in my faith, my desire is to encourage others to grow as well. I am creating space for women to connect, be inspired and grow to live a purposeful, fulfilled life. I actively support and encourage this community through speaking, writing, mentoring, and events.

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My ideal audience is women who are ready to be inspired and encouraged to step into their God designed plan!

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Lori, you’ve been an incredible role model for me and other women. Your genuine self and inspiring presence left a lasting impact. I am looking forward to the next Growth Summit with great anticipation

Tina J.

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So Powerful!

So Good!

You have a way of showing every woman she is seen, valued and so STRONG!

Lani J.

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Words can’t describe the begin to describe the outpouring of love, support and solidarity of women we felt in that room. There was not a dry eye! It was life changing for many of us.

Sabi G.

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You are an incredible speaker and storyteller! You helped me make some connections with my story today and I’m so grateful!!! You were amazing!

Lindsey F.

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A wise woman once told me, “Don’t be afraid to show your kids what it looks like to chase your dreams.” Those words are buzzing in my head as I put my kids in bed tonight. Thank you, Lori!

Amy R.

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What a beautiful story and so well presented. You painted a picture with your words. You were authentic and really spoke to the leaders in a way that poured into them not making it all about you. It was so good. You truly have a gift.

Amy C.

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A community for women in business who want to connect, be inspired and grow!

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I met Michael in Cuernavaca, Mexico in 1992 after we both graduated from college. After just 2 short months, we were engaged and then less than a year later married. In October, 2023 we will celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss...HA! I wouldn’t do this crazy life with anyone else.

We made our home in The Woodlands, Texas where we raised our four children, all now young adults. Aaron is a youth pastor, Alli is in nonprofit work, Austin is a budding entrepreneur, and Abi is in cosmetology school. They are amazing humans! They make me better...

We love to travel, spend time with our 6 pack, and look forward to all the future has to bring as we venture into this next season of life. God is so good and we do not take our blessings of health and happiness for granted.

Austin, Aaron, Michael, Lori, Abi & Alli


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